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      Product Center > Composite Pressure Tank
      Composite Pressure Tank

      As a novel component for water industry covering residential, commercial and industrial applications, composite pressure tank is an ideal water treatment loading container and reaction container with excellent electrical insulation, corrosion resistant and heat insulation performance. It is most commonly used as the core component of purification and softening machine. If filled with various kinds of filtration media, composite pressure tank could be used for preparation of softened water, drinking water, pure water or ultra-pure water for industrial applications. If filled with filter material such as active carbon or quartz sand, it could be used to remove suspending matters, organic pollutants, heavy metal ions for pre-purification of water; If filled with exchanging agents such as ion exchange resin, it could be used for removing selected ions. The most common use is removing calcium and magnesium ions in water for softening.

      The figure below shows the assembled system of water purifier and softener.

      We have a wide range of composite pressure tanks, including 5"-13" for residential application; 14"-24" for commercial application and 30"-63" for industrial application. ASME, NSF and KTW certifications have been obtained for the products.

      Main applications
      • O.D.Rang
        Method of use
        Water softener and purifier
      • O.D.Rang
        Commercial and light industrial
        Method of use
        Small and medium size water softner or purifier
      • O.D.Rang
        Method of use
        Pretreatment or post treament of water.Applicable for treatment of industrial sewage or production of pure water or ultra pure water.
      • O.D.Rang
        DI tank
        Water for chemical labs or phamaceutical use
        Method of use
        Remove cation and anion in water through exchange of resin bed.

      Imported raw materials and manufacturing equipment are used to make tanks with high strength, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet performances to replace steel and plastic tanks for the same purpose.

      • Residential tanks
      • Industrial tanks
      • Commercial tanks
      • DI tanks